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The Antique Engine & Tractor Assoc., Inc. (AETA) was first organized as Branch 3 of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association in 1959. This national organization had and still has several chapters throughout the United States. Since 1970, the AETA has been an independent organization. The early association was and the current AETA is incorporated as a non-profit organization with the State of Illinois. The stated purpose is “To promote the collection, restoration, preservation and exhibition of gasoline and oil engines, gasoline and steam tractors, power driven farm machinery and other equipment of historical value.”
The AETA held Annual Shows at several locations around Geneseo for the first 23 years. In 1983, the AETA signed a long term lease with the Village of Atkinson for 5 acres of land and built the first permanent building in 1985. By the mid 1990’s it became obvious the club needed to demonstrate the use of the equipment and not just have static displays. The Association added additional acres from the city of Atkinson and harvested ear corn. The AETA wanted to expand our field demonstrations and additional land could not be rented from the city of Atkinson. In 2008, the club had 40 acres donated to them by Bill and June Cole of Hillsdale. The AETA was able to acquire 10 acres to tie the 40 acres to Rt. 92 north of Geneseo and will provide a permanent show ground for the AETA.
In the spring of 2009, a bath/shower building was constructed so the Timber Framers Guild could erect a new 42 feet by 72 feet timber frame barn that is 40 feet to the peak. The first show at the Rt 92 location was our 49th annual show held in 2010. Additional buildings have been added that include two post and truss rafter buildings, a sawmill building, blacksmith shop, horse barn and other buildings.
It is the dream of many people who enjoy steam engines to own a train. A half scale train system, first used in a copper mine in the East, became available and the AETA made the commitment. In the summer of 2015, four semi loads of equipment arrived at the show grounds. That summer, a train barn was erected to house these two diesel engines, one steam engine and several cars and associated equipment, track laid and a train ran at the fall show.
As each generation gets farther from the “farm to fork’ understanding of how our foods is produced, AETA has engaged in teaching how corn and wheat becomes food on the table, fuel additives for car and trucks, and the many other uses of the food and fiber produced on the farm for the final users. To help accomplish this, a learning center is being designed and built starting in 2023.
Since the first show in the Geneseo City Park, the club has grown to over 300 members and has expanded to 50 acres owned and another 15 acres of rented crop land. The big event each year is the annual three-day Working Farm Show, always the second weekend after Labor Day. During this show, the AETA harvest 40 acres of corn and soybeans with mid 1900’s equipment, thresh oats or wheat, run a saw mill, plow, dig potatoes, ride the train, and demonstrate gas engines as they were used from the early to mid-1900’s. The annual show gets bigger each year with hundreds of tractors, garden tractors and many gas engines, plus other agricultural memorabilia on the grounds. Every year the AETA features a different brand of antique tractor.
Members of the organization are currently busy making the necessary plans for the Annual Show, dreaming where the club might want to grow in 5 to 10 years, and how to use our facilities for other activities. The AETA, have several breakfast/technical meetings for members each year, publish about 10 newsletters a year and participate in other festivals in the area. Won’t you join us, help us grow and enjoy the fellowship! See the How To Join section of this Website.


63nd Annual Antique and Tractor Show
September 13-15, 2024
Featuring Allis-Chalmers Tractors & Implements
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Mark Breeden(Vice President)

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Amy Jacobs(Secretary) 

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Tim Fisk 

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Phil Jordan(Membership) 

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Duane Ziegler (Treasurer)

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Vern Mariman

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